Preparing for Valentine’s with Paid Marketing

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As the month of love approaches, it’s pivotal that your business and marketing strategy are prepared to fight with competitors for visibility on the crowded paid advertising landscape. With this in mind, we will be sharing our top tips on how you can stand tall against your competitors this February.

It’s fair to say, paid marketing can have a significant impact on your business KPIs, so you need to ensure you’re approaching your digital campaigns in the right way to get the results you want. 

It’s All About Gifts

Valentines is undoubtedly one of the few events in the year that is universally known for gifting. With that being said, it’s key that you have an area of your website that has a dedicated selection of gifts to help boost sales in February. 

The first thing to think about are the products or services you want to offer at this time of year, ensuring the collection comes across as well thought out and hand-picked to give the audience a seamless experience when they land on your page. If a user clicked on an advert that displayed an offer for a “2 for 1 Valentine’s Dining Experience” and landed on an irrelevant page onsite, they are unlikely to convert – relevance is key to the ultimate user experience. Not only for the users themselves; the engine algorithms also give precedence to content they deem to be more relevant.

Target Your Ideal Audience

Valentine’s is an event for everyone, which is why you want to ensure you’re targeting in the right ways to get the best conversions possible. Our recommendations for any gifting collections are to separate by gender and target that relevant audience. For example, you could label these collections as ‘For Him’ and target the people that are looking to find a gift for their male partner.

You can also refine the audience you want to target based on your business objectives. For example, if you’re a company that wants to use Valentine’s as an opportunity to promote a dating app, you can refine your audience through demographic targeting to appear for people that have their relationship status set to ‘Single’. This allows you a good amount of control when deciding the type of audience you want to target, to ensure your activity is as efficient as possible.

Get Your Website Ready

Your website is an incredibly powerful tool and necessary to any successful online business. You want to ensure that your website is providing a good experience for your audience, to set yourself up for success. Additionally, the better the experience on your website, the more likely your ads are to appear above competitors in the ad auction.

To ensure you provide a good website experience, you should ensure you have the following:

  • Fast loading times
  • Show relevant pages for advertising
  • Easy to understand checkout process
  • Easy to navigate through different products/services
  • Good quality images
  • Mobile responsive

As long as you nail down these key processes on your website, you’ll likely generate more conversions and increase the likelihood of customers revisiting your site.


Copy is pivotal when connecting with your audience through advertising. Copy not only describes your intent but it also provides a better user experience. Typically, Valentine’s has always been associated with ‘fun’ and ‘light-hearted’ experiences and you want to ensure your copy conveys that in a similar way. One way of doing this is by using emojis in your social advertising on Facebook and Instagram to bring your advert to life, this can come across as more relatable and engaging with your audience.

A successful paid ad always has an element of enticement, by giving the user a nudge to complete the action you want them to, whether that’s buying a product or service, or signing up to your newsletter. You can enhance this by including discounts or offering free delivery, which will only make your advert more appealing to your audience. This same rule applies for any seasonal event, as it’s always a good incentive to push a new offer in relation to that time of year.

Maximising Automation

Within marketing, it’s important to continually test & learnto achieve great results, and the same principle applies to adopting automation. Thankfully, ad platforms such as Facebook and Google offer a multitude of options with regards to automation to ensure you have the best possible opportunity for a successful campaign.

A couple of the main ways of automating  your campaigns are through Auto Ad Placements on Facebook and Performance Max Campaigns on Google. Both of these strategies are often more efficient than their manual equivalents, especially for seasonal events, when ad competition is often at its peak. 

Auto Ad Placements

The main advantage of using auto ad placements is that Facebook will maximise your budget to help show your ads to as many people as possible. They do this by using their internal delivery system to allocate your ad set’s total budget across multiple placements based on where they’re likely to perform best, therefore generating more results for your campaign.

Performance Max

Performance Max also comes with lots of benefits, which ultimately helps you drive more conversions. Where Performance Max becomes most effective is through saving you valuable time and increasing your budget efficiency by allowing you to create, manage and optimise your activity across multiple channels in one single campaign. This becomes incredibly useful when needing to bring your costs down when ads are more competitive whilst letting Google’s optimisation tools give your campaign the freedom to achieve low-cost results.

It’s important to maximise the opportunity of advertising for seasonal events like Valentine’s, as it’s one of the best times of the year to increase conversions and achieve your KPIs. The above tips should help to increase performance and  take your business to the next level this Valentine’s.

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