We Make Future 2024: The Future Starts with Innovation

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GA Agency thrives on innovation and the willingness to embrace change, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend We Make Future, a well-known international fair and festival focused on Digital Innovation, AI, and Tech, held annually in Bologna, Italy. WMF is renowned for its unique format that combines Expos, Education, B2B meetings, Networking, Concerts, and much more. 

The event is driven by an educational mission, with a program co-created by over 1000 speakers spread across 90 educational stages, each designed as a vertical event focusing on topics such as AI, Social Media, Advertising, E-commerce, and beyond.

GA’s Takeaways

This June, our Senior SEO Project Manager Sara Martinetti attended the event, coming back to the office full of interesting insights and useful takeaways.

Here are some key highlights:

  • UX vs. SEO: chi vincerà sul ring dell’architettura dell’informazione di un e-commerce? (Chiara Peretti): focused on menu architecture and how to find the right balance between a user-centred vs keyword-centred approach.

  • SEO Data Driven (Ivano di Biasi): uncovering insights about Google’s behaviour through the analysis of SEO data. The speaker shared ideas on how to look at keywords data with the aim of finding new angles and niches not yet targeted by the strongest and most authoritative competitors.

  • Search Engine (Sales) Optimisation: come aumentare le conversioni da Google (Alessia Pizzi): Alessia explained step-by-step process on how to optimise PDPs with new content and components to increase product conversions from search engines. Interestingly, the speaker also described how to track and report on improved organic performance to demonstrate the value brought by those optimisations.

  • Outcomes of Google’s 3-Month Long 2024 Core & Spam Updates (Lily Ray): directly from the US, Lily talked about Google’s longest, and one of the most significant updates in its history starting in March 2024. The speaker walked us through the initial plans vs actual implementations (including SGE tests), who won and lost, and how to effectively respond to these changes.

  • International SEO for E-commerce: Dos and Don’ts (Pamela Gacioppo): best practices to adopt when optimising multilingual and/or multinational websites. Pamela guided the audience through all the steps from evaluation of the best strategy to implementation and optimisation.
We Make Future 2024 Conference Hall

Leading with Innovation

We Make Future is constructed as a place where different cultures and point of views meet. Speakers and representatives of more than 89 countries are invited to take part in the conversation and discuss digital innovation and latest industry trends.

Innovation spans across various domains, including robotics, engineering, content creation, and digital industries — everything that looks towards the future to address present challenges.

The expo area at WMF also allowed attendees to interact with research institutes and innovative SMEs, witness demos of cutting-edge technological projects from VR experiences to drone simulations, engage with web agencies, and view live streams from prominent creators.

“WMF Festival was a great opportunity to update and refresh my knowledge, engage in further training, expand my professional network and get to know the Italian SEO landscape.

AI was a central theme in most talks, but what stood out to me were the practical examples presented across multiple SEO aspects, from UX to Keyword Research and Analysis. This experience reinforced the idea that, as SEO professionals, we must adapt quickly to these changes to stay competitive and find ways to leverage AI to our advantage,” comments Sara.

Looking Ahead

WMF also presents an incredible platform for startups to gain international visibility and recognition, hosting several prestigious awards. The Startup Competition invites companies worldwide to pitch solutions for future challenges set by the jury, while the Global Impact Challenge highlights how innovative solutions can transform our world, driving us toward a more sustainable and equitable reality.

Sara concludes that “The combination of insightful content and networking made this conference an invaluable experience for me. It provided a wealth of training insights, numerous concrete examples, and many useful tips for those of us who deal with the ever-evolving field of SEO on a daily basis.”

We Make Future is more than just a tech event; it’s a catalyst for a better, more innovative future. We are already looking forward to next year’s edition, eager to see what new wonders it will uncover. See you there!

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