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Over 400 female SEO professionals came together in London for the latest Women in Tech SEO (WTS) Festival, coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8th. Our German SEO Manager, Tatjana Batjaev immersed herself in meticulously organised and flawlessly executed sessions that provided a comprehensive overview of industry trends and strategies.

Highlights from the Event

With a lineup of 10 speakers, attendees were treated to expert insights and actionable takeaways covering various topics such as technical SEO, marketing strategies, bias in AI, and professional and personal development. 

Here are some key highlights:

  • A Video-Centric Ecommerce Strategies: Stevy Liakopoulou emphasised the importance of video content in driving engagement and conversions, providing best practices for effective product showcasing and SEO optimisation.

  • Linking Technical SEO Fixes to Performance Milestones: Rasida Begum provided valuable guidance on aligning technical initiatives with measurable business outcomes, underlining the strategic importance of technical SEO through data-driven forecasting.

  • The Future of Ecommerce: Emma Russell shared insights into evolving consumer behaviours and preferences, offering recommendations for keyword indexing strategies and enhancing product visibility in the market.

  • Starting With Bias in AI: Joyann Boyce raised critical considerations around inclusivity and diversity in content creation, prompting attendees to reflect on mitigating bias in AI-generated content and the ethical dimensions of technology-driven marketing.

  • Technical SEO for Improved Accessibility: Billie Geena Hyde emphasised the ethical imperative of creating inclusive digital experiences, with practical recommendations for enhancing website accessibility and highlighting the symbiotic relationship between SEO and user experience.

  • The Future of User-Centric Search Experiences: Veruska Anconitano shed light on the evolving dynamics of language and search intent, providing insights into the importance of contextual understanding for targeted optimisation strategies.

Overall, the Women in Tech SEO London Event served as a valuable platform for industry professionals to exchange insights, foster connections and drive innovation in the field of SEO.

A Few Words from our SEO Manager, Tatjana

Tatjana shared her reflections on the event, highlighting the impact of the Women in Tech SEO community and the opportunities it provides for professional growth and development.

“Starting my SEO career as the only woman in a team of over 20, was admittedly quite intimidating sometimes. Although I am deeply grateful for the invaluable experience working with and learning from some of the best in the industry, it was refreshing to see so many women and young girls coming together to talk about SEO!

The Women in Tech SEO community provides a great platform to connect with like-minded professionals. Witnessing so many women working or entering this field has been truly inspiring. 

Areej’s has my deepest respect for her dedication to managing this community while balancing work and family responsibilities – she is undoubtedly a role model. WTS offers invaluable mentorship opportunities for aspiring SEOs, fostering growth and development. 

Working at GA Agency, I take pride in working for a company where women comprise the majority, nurturing an environment conducive to professional advancement in SEO.” – GA Agency SEO Manager, Tatjana Batjaev.


Women in Tech SEO is the global community for women in SEO and marketing, founded by Areej AbuAli in 2019 to help women in Technical SEO grow, connect, and thrive in the industry. Since then, WTS has grown into a diverse hub for women in all fields of SEO and marketing, welcoming individuals at various stages of their careers.

Upcoming WTS events later this year:

  • Berlin, Germany – 7th June 2024
  • Philadelphia, USA – 19th September 2024

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