The UK Marketing Calendar 2024: Don’t Miss Out on These Important Dates

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The first thing to consider when mapping out your marketing strategy is the events and seasons that will affect your business. That’s why it is vital for you to plan campaigns well in advance and proactively engage with customers on dates that matter, rather than just reacting to them. Make sure you are not only thinking of the shopping events of the year, but any other events that may impact your target markets like national holidays, cultural traditions, conferences, trade shows, or even weather conditions.

It is important to start planning your content marketing strategy to boost your online presence and engage with your potential customers. Here are the main shopping and local events of the year you should be on the lookout for: 

2024 Dates

  • 13th February – Pancake Day
  • 17th February – Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • 7th March – World Book Day
  • 8th March – International Women’s Day
  • 15th March – Red Nose Day
  • 17th March – St. Patrick’s Day
  • 19th March – Mother’s Day
  • 29th March – Good Friday
  • 31st March – Easter Sunday
  • 1st April – Easter Monday
  • 1st April – April Fool’s Day
  • 22nd April – Earth Day
  • 1st May – May Day
  • 27th May – Spring Bank Holiday
  • 1st June – 31st June – Pride Month
  • 29th July – London Pride
  • 18th June – Father’s Day
  • 21st June – First Day of Summer
  • 1st July – Wimbledon Begins
  • 11th-12th July – Amazon Prime Day (Predicted)
  • 26th August – National Women’s Equality Day
  • 26th August – Summer Bank Holiday
  • 16th September – 100 Days Until Christmas
  • 1st – 31st October – Black History Month
  • 1st – 31st October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • 1st – 31st October – Go Sober for October (Stoptober)
  • 1st October – World Vegetarian Day
  • 29th October – Daylight Saving Time Ends
  • 31st October – Halloween
  • 1st – 30th November – Movember (Men’s Health Awareness Month)
  • 5th November – Bonfire Night
  • 11th November – Remembrance Day
  • 13th November – World Kindness Day
  • 10th November – Remembrance Sunday
  • 29th November – Black Friday
  • 2nd December – Cyber Monday
  • 7th December – Christmas Jumper Day
  • 24th December – Christmas Eve
  • 25th December – Christmas Day
  • 26th December – Boxing Day
  • 31st December – New Year’s Eve


When it comes to e-commerce it’s important not to miss out on holiday shopping seasons. Here are other shopping holidays you should be prepared for: 

11th – 12th July – Amazon Prime Day (Predicted):

Brace yourself for some of the biggest sales events of the year. Make sure you can ensure fast delivery, that your discounts are better than competitors, and that your digital marketing strategy and campaigns are well-prepared ahead of time. 

Don’t forget about the most important cultural and national British holidays! Find a shortlist with tips to maximize your marketing efforts.

5th November – Bonfire Night:

Bonfire night is celebrated every year across the country with fireworks, bonfires, and toffee apples. On this date, the British celebrate the failed attempt of the Gunpowder plot, aimed at blowing up the British government in 1605. Guy Fawkes, a member of the plot, is represented as a dummy man made out of newspapers and clothes which gets lit up during the ceremony. You can celebrate this holiday with your customers through social media posts, themed campaigns, or giveaways.

29th November & 2nd December – Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Black Friday has grown from a small event into a global phenomenon. In the UK, the biggest online shopping day has been Cyber Monday for the past couple of years. We recommend creating newsletter and social media campaigns, teasing some of the deals in advance of these dates to create excitement for your loyal customers.

26th December – Boxing Day:

Boxing Day is defined as the UK’s largest online retail day! Target the customers who are looking for last-minute gift ideas and provide them with great discounts and promotions. We recommend sending out email newsletters with strong CTAs and examples of discounted products to encourage your loyal customers to make purchases. 

Now that you have a clear overview of the upcoming sale events, you can create a tailored content strategy to interact with your clients through promotions, offers, and campaigns!

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