The Calzedonia Group is a well-known fashion group of Italian origin that consists of the brands: Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Intimissimi Uomo, Tezenis, Falconeri, Atelier Emé, Signorvino.

As their global partner for almost four years, we have been managing the SEO channel for all the brands of the group. In this case study we have focused on the four main international fashion brands: Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Tezenis, and Falconeri.

We have been partnered with the Calzedonia Group since 2019, operating across 12 countries with a team of native SEO experts in each market. This approach has resulted in an increase of 170% in revenue for the Calzedonia Group within 12 months.


When we started working with the Calzedonia Group in 2019, all SEO content was produced in Italian and translated by an external agency for the other markets.

Throughout 2020, we started seeing improvements in organic performance and keyword rankings year after year. However, one of the biggest challenges we faced was to improve the quality of the translated content. While we were seeing improvements, we knew that results could be improved further if our content was written and optimised by native speakers.

Thanks to the results we were achieving together, Calzedonia Group made the decision to increase our involvement within the company by renewing their contract in 2021. Here, we took the opportunity to propose a more localised approach, with native-speaker SEO specialists and copywriters for every country. As such, GA Agency expanded the team to include SEO experts across the world. We built an in-house team of 28 people between the SEO Director, Managers, Specialists and Copywriters.

This new structure allowed us to have localised SEO content, keyword research and analysis tailored to each market’s audience.

We were assigned the management of SEO for four fashion brands of the group (Calzedonia, Tezenis, Intimissimi & Falconeri) across 12 countries in scope: Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, UK, USA.

Each local specialist oversaw the local websites, taking care of keyword research, content creation, metadata optimisation and implementing changes directly on the website. Additionally, they were responsible for analysing competitors, monitoring performance, monthly reports, technical SEO, making UX and CVR recommendations, and presenting performance reports and liaising on SEO strategies with local referents.

At GA Agency we are passionate about SEO and believe in the power of a successful international strategy. Our aim is not only to provide users with the correct localised translations, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the specific customers’ needs and interests. Our native speakers personalise a local approach specific to each brand and market to provide an excellent service, impeccable quality of content, and exceptional long-term results.

We have an excellent relationship with our client, Calzedonia Group, and with time we have earned complete autonomy in directly uploading content on their websites, optimising pages, communicating with developers and UX teams through JIRA, and many other activities.


In 2021, the overall goal was to aid the Calzedonia Group in increasing organic traffic to their four online stores in the countries in scope, increase brand awareness and boost conversions organically.

The specific objectives of our SEO strategy were to:

  • Improve organic rankings for each market, with a focus on unbranded keywords
  • Drive qualified traffic to the eCommerce sites
  • Increase conversions from organic and local search

In order to achieve this, our team focused on:

  • Content and on-page SEO with a strong focus on e-commerce based target audience analysis, keyword research and content planning.
  • Technical SEO by monitoring, improving, and managing the website’s health, crawlability, accessibility, performance, and identifying functional improvements and IA optimisations.
  • Local SEO to improve rankings and SERP features for local search.

In order to achieve the objectives, our work focused on a data-driven approach, localised content planning and cross-brand project, proactivity, and user-centricity.



We achieved outstanding results from this campaign across all of the 4 brands within the Calzedonia Group. Impressive results were achieved with the forecast target for all 4 brands averaging +170% revenue growth organically.


Our SEO strategy led to important SEO performance improvements, starting from the increase of quality traffic YoY. Due to our ongoing activities and a brand-new local approach, the initial positive results achieved in 2020 greatly improved during 2021 and have continued since.

The relevant increase in the overall number of organic keywords the websites are ranking for reflects and explains the organic traffic growth, validating the effectiveness of our content optimisation strategy.


Better rankings for the target keywords resulted in higher search visibility. This means that the websites have become more visible in the organic search results when entering those specific queries into search engines. The improvement in the search visibility score highlights the effectiveness of the content and on-page local SEO strategy adopted.


We conducted an ad hoc analysis on the store locator cross-brand. As a deliverable, we created a prioritised list of the actions required to improve rankings for local search and provide a better user experience to the customers. The entire redesign of the store locator architecture along with the creation of new dedicated pages for both cities and provinces led to an increase in ranking for local queries and in SERP features.